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Do you consider your health to be:

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Exercise Habits

Do you exercise regularly?*

Do you exercise regularly?

If yes, where do you exercise?

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What types of exercise equipment do you have at home?*

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What times can you exercise throughout the week
Eating Habits

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Do you eat breakfast

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Do you have an eating disorder

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Are you a vegetarian

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If yes, do you consume dairy products

Do you know how many calories you consume daily?

Do you know how many calories you consume daily?

If yes, how many?

Have you ever weighed your food?

Have you ever weighed your food

Do you read food labels?

Do you eat out often?

If yes, what types of restaurants?

How often?

Do you ever experience the following:

Regular overeating?

Snacking at night?

Strong or persistant hunger?

Occasional binge eating?

Regaining weight easily?

Eating rapidly?

Craving high-fat or high-sugar foods?

Gaining weight on less food?

Gaining weight after pregnancy or on birth control or estrogen?

Stress Management

The impact of stress on our overall health and well being can't be underestimated.  Every day, we face both physical and psychological stress.  Some kinds of stress are out of our control; others may be triggers we aren't consciously aware of.  Regardless of the source of stress, it must be managed to achieve maximum health and fitness.

Are you...


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Able to quiet your mind?

Happy and content with life?

Fulfilled and satisfied?

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Do you sleep well?

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Do you wake up feeling refreshed?

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How do you relax? (check all that apply)

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When is your morning scheduled break?

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When is your afternoon scheduled break?

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