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We believe in our system, we see it work first hand on a daily basis. Give us a call today and let us discuss with you why the Dellis Health style is the right style for your goals and life style.

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Proper nutrition is not an accident, nor is it a difficult process. However, breaking old eating habits and developing new ones seems to be the Achilles heal. In fact, the nutrition aspect of any fitness program is where failure often occurs. Many feel bewildered because they assume a great deal of time is required to remedy their poor physical condition. We can assure you, however, that developing a healthy physique requires only a portion of the time it takes to become unfit. Any successful athlete will admit that two-thirds of their physical ability and appearance can be attributed to their diet. Their dedication to sound nutrition can provide a substantial advantage over opponents. You can experience this advantage whether you are a competitive athlete or just enjoy a physically active lifestyle

tampa personal training, tampa weight loss

Psychological and physical benefits are two primary rewards for exercise. On the psychological side, exercise helps you feel better about yourself, builds self-esteem and alleviates stress. Some of the physical advantages of exercise include developing muscle tone, strength and controlling your weight whether your goal is to lose it or gain it. Did you know that weight resistance training builds muscle and can burn up to eighty percent of our calories consumed? A consistent exercise program along with proper nutrition builds and tones muscles like the heart, makes bones stronger by increasing calcium uptake and may reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

tampa personal training, tampa weight loss


There is great debate as to whether supplements are necessary to optimize health, athletic performance, and body building capacity. The National Research Council, which established the Recommended Dietary Allowances, and many physicians and dieticians believe that adequate amounts of nutrients are obtained from eating a well-balanced diet. Only a small percentage of individuals, however, maintain a sufficient diet. Hectic schedules, poor meal planning, and a lack of knowledge concerning the body's nutritional needs all contribute to the demise of the well-balanced diet.


In addition to these more common barriers to sound nutrition, there are numerous other reasons why supplements should be an essential part of our lives. 


Aging diminishes the body's ability to obtain and optimally utilize the nutrients in foods. As we get older we slowly lose our ability to produce or maintain muscle tissue. Subsequently, there is less necessity for the amount of food we once required to meet the energy demands of our youth. Less food intake results in a reduced supply of essential nutrients to the body at a time when you may require more. When vital nutrients are not obtained on a consistent basis, the body will become unhealthy and experience numerous ailments and other stressful conditions.

tampa personal training, tampa weight loss
           Lifestyle Coaching and Stress Management

Often we allow the pace of our hectic lives to affect our mental well being. Stress affects much more than our mental health. Research shows the negative effects stress can have on our bodies such as raising both blood pressure and cholesterol levels causing a higher incidence of heart attack and stroke. Stress can also cause several physical ailments such as headaches, joint pain, disturbed sleep patterns, depression, irritability, poor digestion... the list is endless.


Even though proper exercise and nutrition will help decrease the detrimental effects induced by stress, we will take that a step further by helping you change your lifestyle to achieve balance which increases quality of life.


tampa personal training, tampa weight loss
           OUR OPINION


No other areas of your life have such a vast and far-reaching impact on the quality of your day-to-day activities and well being as the results that stem from proper nutrition and a regular fitness regime.


Dellis Health and Performance believes wholeheartedly in the difference that good nutrition and regular exercise make in a person's overall fitness and performance excellence. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it!


We'll supply you with the right tools, instructional materials, direction and motivation so you can get the job done - effectively and time-efficiently. Our focus is on building strong, sleek bodies that feel powerful - inside and out!

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