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We come up with Solutions to meet your life goals. You tell us where you want to be, we figure out how to get you there. By balancing a life style of Exercise, Nurition, and all Natural Organic Supplements, we formulate a strategy that meets you goals and requirements.



Why Supplements?

Amateur and professional athletes and sports active individuals have far more complex supplementation needs than the average person. The Recommended Dietary Allowances make no concession for the requirements imposed upon the body by exercise. The additional maintenance, body building, and fueling nutrients required by high performance athletes demands exceptional adherence to details that the conventional "three squares a day" program will not provide. This brief discussion should make you realize that dietary supplements, when used properly, are an absolute necessity


Our Supplements

We believe in a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, and maintaining a pure body. That is why the only supplements we feel comfortable using are 100% Natural and 100% Organic. We swear by these supplements because we use them, our clients use them, and we see the results day in and day out. 


We are so sure you will see results from these amazing products we offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARATEE



Personal Training

Dellis Health & Performance offers personal training programs for our members in the Tampa Bay Area. Our program will teach you all about cardiovascular exercise and weight resistance training and why it's important to achieving the results you're looking for. We will help you figure out your ideal training heart rate that's based on your individual fitness objectives.

High Intensity Training

Our thirty minute High Intensity Training incorporates time over tension which maximizes your potential with less impact on joints and connective tissue. This also includes stretching and an abdominal workout.



Functional Training

We will challenge your body using varied exercies designed to correspond with the movements of day-to-day living. Functional training burns more calories by using big muscle movements that require more energy than weight machines. If you are looking to tone, tighten, improve balance and more - this is the technique for you.



Nutrition Plan

Dellis Health & Performance offers nutrition programs for people of all ages, lifestyles and goals. Each program is designed specifically for you and your specific fitness goals. Whether the objective is to lose fat, gain muscle, enhance athletic performance or a combination of all three, the focus is on the individuals needs.


No Lifestyle Shock

It is true that our programs require some changes in daily routine, however these modifications are fitted to compliment each persons lifestyle. Each clients objective is met through well-planned nutritious meals consisting of favorite food choices. We also provide easy-to-follow instruction designed to guide you for life.

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