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Tom set me up with one of his custom nutrition programs and I quickly started to see a difference. The plan was easy. I put in some hard work up front by learning how to count calories, measure portions and record my meals and then my body just peeled away the pounds. I started the program at 19.6% body fat and 5 months later I was at 8.6%. The success has carried over into all aspects of my life. I have more energy, I sleep more soundly, I think more clearly and Im in a better mood (I think everyone is happy about that!).


Dan Flaherty

Picture of Dan BEFORE Tom's program
Picture of Dan AFTER Tom's program

In July of 2002, I made my first appointment with Tom. I committed to weekly strength training and regular nutrition confessions. Strength training was completely new to me, but I found myself really enjoying the workout. I love strength training with Tom and I still look forward to our sessions each week.


Today, my body fat is half of what it once was. Tom has helped me to loose the last 25 pounds I could never seem to get rid of on my own. He has supported me throughout the entire process. I have lost a total of 65 pounds and completely transformed my body both inside and out.



Picture of Sara after Tom's program
Picture of Sara after Tom's program

In 12 weeks I have lost 19 lbs. of body fat and gained 14 lbs. of muscle by using DELLIS supplements and committing to a workout program and changing what I ate. I don't want to use the word diet, it seems to come across as not eating. I CHANGED what I ate. You have heard the old saying, "You are what you eat." That is reality. If you put enough pork in your body you might become a pig, or at least look like one.


The combination of a strong diet, supplements and a exercise routine I could stick to is what helps, Could not have done it without the Dellis Method.


-Robert Sicignano





Picture of Robert before Tom's program
Picture of Robert AFTER Tom's program
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